Feedback on training and keynotes
Thank you for your great input into the Inspiring Leadership Conference. The feedback from your session has been excellent! Hope we can keep in touch.
Steve Munby – Former CEO of Education Development Trust and CEO of National College for School Leadership
Thanks so much for attending the recent symposium and for leading such a brilliant workshop. It’s always good to be working with you.
John Stevens – Former Director – National College for School Leadership
I cannot thank you enough for your presentation last night. It was energising, nourishing and stimulating—just exactly what I wanted for our team at this point and perfect for the launch to the Leadership of Learning programme. People were buzzing last night as they left school and I felt really positive on the way home after such a great session. We will definitely be back in touch with you very soon to explore what other support you may be able to provide, including the coaching work for SLT that we were discussing last night.
Neal McGowan – Headteacher – William de Ferrers School
I just wanted to drop you an email to say “wow”! The training session you led on Dialogic Teaching on Tuesday the staff of Carter Community & Bournemouth Collegiate was inspirational. I personally felt it was a brilliant way to spend a morning – so inspiring – and everyone I spoke to that day and yesterday, (I went in for the first part of the Carter staff training day), were singing your praises. I also understand from a couple of the middle leaders I spoke to, that your afternoon session was also amazing. You are a star!
Cary Wicks – Chair of Governors – Carter Community School
Thank you for the time you spent with us this weekend. You taking the time to come on Friday night and ensure that you had woven your session into the outcomes of the previous session was much appreciated. Thank you for the way you delivered the session, which is exactly how I like it and what my team respond well to – they loved you. The problem now is you are making a rod for your own back. Last year you did an hour and they said they wanted longer from you. This year we extended it to three hours and the feedback is they want longer still… This is such a testament to you and your content and delivery, as they are a discerning bunch of course!
Emma Skae – Principal – Walthamstow Academy
Very interesting and inspiring – loved the fact I went off with lots of tools and practical ideas I could use. I feel empowered to take the next steps on my leadership journey. Understanding what ignites and deflates those you work with was a powerful piece of information. FAB! Loved his questioning style and way of presenting. Info was interesting and not more of the same. Theory was thought-provoking and ‘new’ – a different way of seeing things. Really good sessions, especially being new to middle leadership in education. An eye-opener and lots of pace.
Comments from a number of participants in a bespoke middle leadership programme
Thank you for your very stimulating presentation recently on middle leadership. Such is your commitment and expertise, I could see how much the group appreciated your input.
Professor David Woods – Former Director of London Challenge
Many thanks for the session yesterday. It was exactly what we needed to start the term. There was a lot of positive feedback and it certainly gave me food for thought.
Steve Wilkes – Former Headteacher – Oaks Park High School
Thanks for your input at our conference last week. I have had some superb feedback from colleagues with several emails expressing their appreciate in particular for what you shared. I hope you were well looked after and enjoyed your time with us. I do hope our paths cross again.
Marie-Claire Bretherton – Executive Headteacher – National Leader of Education – Mount Street Academy – Kyra Teaching School Alliance
I have received many positive comments regarding the training day on Friday. Many staff found your sessions very motivational and encouraging. Hopefully, this will transfer to their roles and illuminate them to fulfil their potential. I would also like to stress the quality of the sessions. Staff were very engaged and motivated by the experience. This momentum then continued in the afternoon session where staff collaborated and shared ideas on best practice teaching and learning. This has certainly helped us on our journey to ‘Good’!
Ian Murray – Former assistant Head – Sanders Drapers Academy
A wise person said to me recently that it is good practice to write down thanks so that the recipient can reread and reflect on it. Thank you so much for your kindness to me and my colleagues. I have never been to a conference with so many people, yet received such personal, and personable support and follow up. I shall be regaling everybody at school on Monday about the clarity, insight and inspiration of your presentation. It is without question that I will become a better leader because of you. Thank you!
Duncan Gordon – Headteacher – Cheddon Fitzpaine Church School
Thank you so much for your excellent contribution to our Education Leadership Conference. The feedback from delegates is very positive about your session, and everyone I have spoken to feels that you successfully set the tone for the rest of the day. There was much discussion in the groups about geese – and one of the questions posed during Question Time was “Who is the goose we can honk behind?” We may very well take you up on your offer of additional support!
Austin McNamaraAssociate Director – Education: People ServicesSunderland City Council
You may think I am being extraordinarily disingenuous, but our staff are still talking about your wonderful sessions even now. You changed the way people think, and inspired many staff.
Liz FowkesAssistant Headteacher – Frances Bardsley Academy for Girls
Feedback on coaching
I wanted to say what a pleasure it has been working with you over the last year.  Every session has given me greater clarity and lifted my energy levels.  I’ve also learnt a lot about myself and you have empowered me to use a range of great tools that I can take forward independently.
Andy Stainton – Former Headteacher – Cheshunt School
I always enjoy our sessions and feel that the real strength is how ‘natural’ they feel. You very skilfully select tools that always seem appropriate and challenging, without being ‘shoe-horned’ into the conversation… which I fear is sometimes the case with coaching models.  I enjoy the ‘live practice’ element (even though I sometimes cringe slightly!!) – it is very powerful for me to do this, as it is very much the culture that we are trying to create at Goresbrook.  I find the coaching model useful, not only for what happens within our hour or so of conversation, but also the thinking that has happened before and after. Thank you!
Clare Darley – Former Principal – The Goresbrook School
Thank you so much for your time yesterday. I genuinely got a huge amount out of it and found it hugely beneficial. I was feeling positive when I met you and even more positive and excited about next steps around leadership development in particular when you left. I looking forward to being able to work with you next year. Thank you for all the information you have sent on as well.
Jo Gessey – Vice Principal – The Regis School
The executive coaching programme offered by Andy Buck through Leadership Matters was outstanding. It provided senior members of staff at the two schools I lead with an opportunity and insight into the power of coaching and its impact on school-based practice. New and established senior teams would benefit from this excellent CPD opportunity.
Ben Antell – Headteacher – Glenmoor and Winton Schools
I really enjoyed the session. Not knowing quite what to expect I came away feeling positive and motivated, with actions that will support my professional development as a leader.  I think that the coaching is a very valuable input from the Group and I am very much looking forward to the next session.
Lindi Nejrup – Headteacher – Silverdale Primary Academy
Feedback on team development programme
Six months after the appointment of four new members of ASCL’s leadership team we used the team development programme to take stock and help us to plan ahead. This programme was hugely worthwhile. Following a skilfully facilitated programme of individual interviews and group discussion we all feel we know each other’s relative strengths and characteristics better. Andy helped us to agree a range of specific actions that we have no doubt will help to make a very strong team even more effective. We will be inviting Andy back to help us take stock again in a year’s time.
Brian Lightman – Former General Secretary – ASCL (Association of School and College Leaders)
As I have reflected on the weekend, and looked at the ‘charter’ you have just sent through, I have to say it is probably the most productive team building and strategic time I have spent in the whole of my time at Northampton Academy.  Whilst the experience was challenging for us all at times, I am so glad we did it. I have such a clear sense of where we are going, and how we are going to get there. Thank you so much. 
Anne Hill – Former Principal – Northampton Academy
I thought the programme was totally superb (as did Jen and Helen – both have come back to me raving about it).  I think the real strength was the ease in which we all felt comfortable to offer some very personal reflections within a very new team.  Helen in particular, is really motivated by Goresbrook’s focus on research and theory to help inform decision making – she commented on the fact that the session felt very rigorous and rooted in strong (and developing..) theories of team dynamics.  It feels incredibly exciting to be part of your ‘test group’ with this Andy.
Clare Darley – Former Principal – The Goresbrook School
I wanted to write you a quick note both to thank you for an excellent team development session and to describe its early impact. A meeting we had yesterday was quite extraordinary – it is as if you worked a little bit of magic. Alan and I reflected on this afterwards. The team felt strong and cohesive. Conversations were appropriately challenging but also supportive. No-one was defensive and no-one closed down uncomfortable conversations. It felt really good.  We have shifted into a very much healthier and more productive space. I hope we will retain this, although I am sure there will be moments of slipping back – which is fine, as it is all part of our journey together.
Participant in a senior team development session
Thank you for the invaluable training on Friday and Saturday.  On a personal note it gave me a number of areas to reflect upon which will allow me to be a more effective team member.  On a team level it gave us all clarity of the tasks ahead to lead the school to our ‘Beyond Outstanding’ vision.  Thanks once again for the outstanding sessions.
Richard Shaw – Assistant Headteacher – Kettering Buccleuch Academy
I felt that the work you lead us through was one of the most useful and powerful pieces of training I have taken part in during my career. Every leadership team should have the opportunity to work in this way. I was fascinated with the way you challenged and highlighted some of our interactions both verbal and non-verbal – real food for thought.
Will Knight – Vice Principal – The Regis School.
I’ve really enjoyed working with Andy with my Senior Leadership Team this year. His insightful prompts and skilful questioning meant that the team were able to make maximum progress in the time we have together, to strengthen our bonds as a team and to signpost our way forward to future and continued school success. Andy’s engaging and lively delivery style also meant that my team were captivated from minute one; they’ve all, without exception, asked for him to come back soon! I can’t think of a better way to endorse his expertise!
Heather Scott – Former Headteacher – Bruntcliffe School